Portable Black Box - Lurecharge
Portable Black Box - Lurecharge
Portable Black Box - Lurecharge
Portable Black Box - Lurecharge

Portable Black Box

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Used by many commercial fisherman, the black box gives a positive voltage field is radiated which receptive fish will respond to. This positive voltage reaction can travel hundreds of feet in water. These units are designed to be used with a downrigger and attached near the downrigger ball. 

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"Fishing for the first season with Al's low voltage anodes has already been a great benefit, and I've not only caught more fish than usual but much larger fish as well".   Spin cast beach fishing with cut plug green label herring and a low voltage anode on split ring on top 2/0 Owner hook on mooching rig with 12lb. test.  10' 9" Berkley Air medium light spinning rod.     22lb. King

British Columbia, Canada

As you know Al, Peter and I sell your Lurecharge products at Kitty Coleman Provincial Park on Vancouver Island for the third year now.  With all the pretty new spoon colours I picked the 4.0 army truck for my choice to start out the year. Well it didn’t let me down.’' I caught a 16 pd chinook within an hour.  So bragging my fish to the whole world, I made a sale to Mike (the guy up the road) and he went out three days later and caught a halibut, a pacific cod and a nice spring. Mike then purchase a second 4.0 army truck and took his dad out the following day and wouldn’t you know it ANOTHER halibut and a chinook. This is unheard of here. We might get three halibut the whole year.  Now we are selling out of this lure. I also used a lemon lime 4.0 last year with great success so hats off to you Al, keep up the great charge...ps Here are the pictures to prove it!

Pete & Shelly Murphy
Managers of Kitty Coleman Park & boat Launch

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