Fresh Water Open Gap Anode - Lurecharge
Fresh Water Open Gap Anode - Lurecharge

Fresh Water Open Gap Anode

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These little guys pack a powerful punch. Hand drilled and sanded by us.  Used for any fresh water lures or plugs. Do not let the anode touch any other metal besides stainless steel. Attach to either the eyelet of your plug, or on the stainless steel ring of any other lure. Nickel plated lures also work!  

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"Fishing for the first season with Al's low voltage anodes has already been a great benefit, and I've not only caught more fish than usual but much larger fish as well".   Spin cast beach fishing with cut plug green label herring and a low voltage anode on split ring on top 2/0 Owner hook on mooching rig with 12lb. test.  10' 9" Berkley Air medium light spinning rod.     22lb. King

British Columbia, Canada

As you know Al, Peter and I sell your Lurecharge products at Kitty Coleman Provincial Park on Vancouver Island for the third year now.  With all the pretty new spoon colours I picked the 4.0 army truck for my choice to start out the year. Well it didn’t let me down.’' I caught a 16 pd chinook within an hour.  So bragging my fish to the whole world, I made a sale to Mike (the guy up the road) and he went out three days later and caught a halibut, a pacific cod and a nice spring. Mike then purchase a second 4.0 army truck and took his dad out the following day and wouldn’t you know it ANOTHER halibut and a chinook. This is unheard of here. We might get three halibut the whole year.  Now we are selling out of this lure. I also used a lemon lime 4.0 last year with great success so hats off to you Al, keep up the great Here are the pictures to prove it!

Pete & Shelly Murphy
Managers of Kitty Coleman Park & boat Launch

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